Quality Control & Quality Assessments

Guarantee of Quality

For ensuring the quality of a raw, intermediate or finished product, necessary tests of all relevant parameters are carried out. The service spectrum includes:

  • Analytics of chemical, physical and physiochemical methods
  • Aroma analytics
  • Pesticide analytics
  • NMR Analytics
  • Stable isotope analytics
  • Microbiology
  • Sensors
  • Cross-check expert according to §43 LFGB
  • Assessment of test results
  • Support and consultation of analytical issues
  • Development of inspection processes

For the analysis of fruit juices, individual or standard packages are defined for the testing or made available in order to reliably answer all questions on the product if necessary.
From the often more than 100 determined parameters of an analysis package for the assessment of a product, a comprehensive data collection, like that at Chelab which exhibits over 40 years of fruit analysis is required alongside the respective publications and guidelines (e.g. AIJN Code of Practice). Thereby, reliable assertions of authenticity in reference to regional features, differences of varieties or climatic effects are possible.

Quality Assurance