The Company - Chelab from Hanover

Reliability and Quality for over 40 years

Chelab was founded on 1st January 1977 by Dr. V. Ara in Hanover as a free commercial laboratory. From the very beginning, the focus of the laboratory’s activities was on the analysis of alcohol-free drinks, especially fruit juice.
In more than 40 years, the company has developed extremely well, has been able to expand its’ customer contacts internationally and is a trustworthy partner in all customer interests.
The laboratory was first accredited as a testing laboratory in 1999.
Dr. Ara is an officially appointed expert of the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
As of 1st May 2018, the laboratory was rebranded as Chelab Dr. V. Aara GmbH & Co. KG. With the admission of specialists into the company, comprehensive knowledge of spices was acquired, which in turn broadened the expertise and diversified the analysis spectrum.

The integration into the globally operating Tentamus Group since June 1st, 2021 opens up numerous opportunities for exchange, gain in competence and the further development of the offer for our customers.

Chelab offers an independent, quick and precise analysis and a reliable interpretation of results.

Specialist for:

  • Analytics of fruit juices and soft drinks
  • Analytics of fruit aromas and aromas with naturalness tests
  • Authenticity testing 
  • Pesticide analytics
  • Stable isotopes analytics
  • NMR-Analytics
  • Spices

Chelab works in numerous committees and has been a partner laboratory of the SGF (sure-global-fair) for many years.

In addition, the laboratory contributes to: 

  • VdF RSK - Committee and Consultation
  • BfR Commission for wine and fruit juice analysis
  • IFU Methods and analytical and science and technology Commission (MAC/STC)
  • AIJN Support group
  • BVL §64 LFGB AG Aroma Analyses
  • GDCh AGs Aromas / stable isotopes/fruit juice and fruit-based drinks